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Ownboard W2 Pro Review and Specs

The OwnBoard W2 Pro seems like a natural next step if you like Ownboard. The upgrade is that it uses an ESC and 12s3p battery. It accompanies Cloudwheels so on the off chance that that is your thing extraordinary on the off chance that not you got your OTs to trade in.


  • Top Speed: 46KM/h / 28.5MPH

  • Range: 24-30km / 15-18.5miles

  • Wheels: 105mm cloud wheel

  • Battery: 12s2p 21700 cells


  • Great Build Quality
  • Quick Acceleration
  • Solid range and Battery performance


  • Improvements needed for rough terrain comfort.
  • Longer trips may require range planning.
  • Higher price compared to entry-level boards.

Design & Deck

This is probably one of the weakest points on this skateboard. I think the design is a little uninspired—it kind of looks like the huawei 3x with these lines on the grip tape. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t really catch my eye on the back. The black paint doesn’t have any logos or graphics. The grip tape doesn’t have shock absorption. It’s like very thin sandpaper that is put on the top of the deck. 


The Ownboard W2 Pro makes use of 105-millimeter Cloudwheels with a sturdy ceramic bearing.The Cloudwheels truly succeed on unpleasant streets. Riding them on those conditions you can feel the distinction contrasted with typical road wheels.

They ingest street vibrations quite well and had no issue going through breaks and potholes.These 105mm clodewheels are great semi-off-road wheels that can deal with most street conditions.

In the event that you favor an alternate style, Ownboard likewise made a couple wheel pulleys accessible to buy so you can change your wheels easily.


Presently, we should go into the tracks. They feel very great; they’re not marked, they’re simply a regularly opposite holding back track that you find in most electric skateboards. This isn’t an exemption; this is feel great. It’s a very decent ride, really great for cutting.

With regards to wheels, like I previously referenced cloud wheels, I mean, there isn’t a preferred wheel for me over cloud wheels. However, I realize that certain individuals could like road haggles road wheel experience is different. You could change the wheel since it’s a belt drive framework, so you can change to any wheels you need.


Let’s discuss power. They don’t generally relate that to side interests. At the point when you see side interest grade hardware, they couldn’t deal with that much power. That was one reason why you don’t see numerous 80 balls with side interest winnie AC.

In any case, now that is evolving, clearly. Changing these things only ruins the rest. I mean, I drag raced two friends, one on a Huawei Night and one on a Royal Kit, and I completely smoked them. Also, I’m the greatest, heaviest person from my companions in general. I’m about 5’9″ tall, weight more than 200 pounds, and measure 180 centimeters in height.

That was the scene as I rode uphill with a lot of torque. When it’s all said and done, that is the narrative of this conflict. It’s super, incredibly, strong. And at this point, you might be thinking, “Okay, that much power comes with great responsibility.” But you should be aware that when you push so much power, especially when you’re heavy and have so much torque, you get a shorter range. You’ll think that the range will be… a pain, right? Not the least bit.


The Ownboard W2 Pro’s advertised range is between 25 and 30 kilometers (15 and 18 miles).

Since the maximum distance depends entirely on the rider and the conditions of the road, I appreciate that they provide a range bracket.

Lighter riders on wonderful streets will actually want to get up to the top-finish of the reach while heavier riders or those riding on not great streets can anticipate that something closer should the lower end of the section.

For my reach test, I’m a 88kg rider, the streets were great quality, basically level beside the slope climb test and the long grade toward the finish of the ride, and I rode it quite hard – having done the entirety of the speed increase, maximum velocity and slope climb tests all through the ride

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, the Ownboard W2 Pro is a great electric skateboard for traveling and cruising around town.

I love the delightful way agreeable of a ride it is and the speed increase and slowing down are smooth to such an extent that I never need to stress over being misled..

It’s not the quickest board accessible in this cost range yet the reach capacity certainly compensates for that. It’s simply a truly pleasant, cruising type eboard right now.


  • Material: Bamboo + fiberglass.

  • Tupe: No concave, camber/rocker profile

  • Weight: 8.8 kg (19 .5lb)


  • 5255 Double belt motor

  • Top speed: 46KM/h / 28.5MPH

  •  (Acceleration as fast as belt driven system)


  • Type: Lithium-ion battery

  • Capacity: 12s2p 21700 cells

  • 8.0Ah and 345.6 wh

  • Range: 24-30km / 15-18.5miles

  • Charging time: 3 hours


  • Diameter: 105mm cloud wheel

  • Max Load: 120 kg (265 lb)

  • Hill Climb: 35%


  • Material: Paris clone

  • customized with PU ring

Remote control

  • 2.4GHz Halo Remote

  • LED Display, Odometer, Haptics

  • OLED display

Other Features

  • Regenerative braking

  • IP55 water resistance 

  • Max Load: 240lb / 110 kg

  • LED Ambient Light

  • Smartphone App

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