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Meepo Shuffle S (V4S)

Meepo Shuffle V4 Review & Specs a best budget skateboard.


  • Top Speed: 29 mph (46.5 km/h)

  • Range: 10 miles (16km) or 18 miles (29km)

  • Weight: 7.8kg 

  • Material: 8-ply Canadian maple

  • Battery: 4AH 144Wh or 288Wh


  • Superb trucks and bushings that deliver a secure and seamless journey.
  • Simple to keep clean and maintain.
  • Affordable price


  • Limited torque may pose uphill challenges for heavier riders.



  • Material: 8-ply Canadian maple, 1-ply fiberglass; wide concave with a rocker profile

  • Dimensions: 915(L) 23(W) 127(D) mm

  • Wheelbase: 105*65m


  • 540W hub motors

  • Top Speed: 29 mph (46.5 km/h)

  • Silent motors


  • Capacity: 4AH 144Wh or 288Wh

  • Range: 10 miles (16km) or 18 miles (29km)

  • Charging time: Standard charger: 3.5h Fast Charge 2 hours


  • Diameter: 105*65mm, 78A donut wheel


  • Material: Meepo’s 45° Shredder trucks-

Remote control

  • M4S

  • LingYi ESC, push-to-start; 

  • 4 speed and braking modes

  • independent control of acceleration and braking modes.

Other Features

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to learn on

  • IPX6 Water-resistant, Certified Waterproof Rating

  • Max Load - 150kg

  • Weight – 7.8kg 

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Right off the bat, the Meepo shuffle v4 impresses as a budget board with excellent power. Riding it feels durable and it lives up to Meepo’s reputation for offering strong acceleration and braking. Controls remain smooth but beginners should approach with caution due to the board’s punchy acceleration, which can catch them off guard. These electric skateboards are not only cool-looking but also easy to handle and lightweight. With a top speed of 29 mph, you can zip around town effortlessly. Electric skateboards are a great choice for transportation or just having fun getting around.


The standout features of the meepo shuffle V4 are its trucks and bearings. Like other Meepo electric skateboards, it comes equipped with 45-degree shredder reverse kingpin trucks, offering a superior turn radius compared to standard kingpins and ensuring stability at higher speeds, unlike double kingpins. The front trucks use 92A longboard barrel bushings, while the rear ones use slightly harder 100A bushings.

meepo shuffle v4 trucks
meepo shuffle v4 trucks

This setup reduces bounce in the rear trucks under force, preventing speed wobbles at high speeds while still allowing for turning ability. It’s evident that Meepo has put thought into optimizing the board’s setup rather than just using generic bushings, which is common in the electric skateboarding community.

Design Meepo Shuffle V4

The Meepo Shuffle V4 enhances and advances upon earlier Meepo models like the well-received Meepo V3. It was offering a beginner-friendly electric board that integrates numerous top-tier features at an attractive price. With its blend of stability, speed, and power, the V4S Shuffle exceeds expectations and delivers substantial value.

Regarding the electronic speed controller, the V4S incorporates the latest Lingyi ESC with a push-to-start feature. It offers four speed and braking modes that can be adjusted separately. While it delivers smooth acceleration.


When we open  the Meepo Shuffle V4, the deck, constructed from maple wood and fiberglass, showcases minimal flex. The board’s flexibility is subjective and neither inherently positive nor negative, depending on personal preference. Increased flex can enhance riding comfort but may compromise stability at higher speeds. Conversely, a stiffer deck offers improved control for carving but translates more road vibrations to the rider.

meepo shuffle v4 deck

The Meepo Shuffle V4 features a stiffer deck but compensates for vibrations with other components. Its 36″ length caters well to beginner and younger riders, offering a slight dropdown and concave shape for stability. This design secures feet in place, allowing riders to focus on the road without constantly checking foot positioning.


The Meepo V4S offers two battery options: a standard 4AH 144Wh battery with a 10-mile range and an extended range 288Wh battery with an 18-mile range. Despite receiving the basic version, our 95kg rider only achieved a maximum distance of 6 miles, highlighting the impact of weight and speed on range.

meepo shuffle v4 battery

Meepo acknowledges that using 105 mm wheels reduces range but recommends the ER version for more distance. On a positive note, the battery charges rapidly, reaching full capacity in just 30 minutes with a separate 8A fast charger.


Another modification in the Meepo Shuffle S is the utilization of lower-rated motors. Instead of the dual 620W hub motors found in the previous V4 model, the Shuffle S employs dual 540W hub motors. This adjustment was made to accommodate the larger 105mm donut wheels, which are clones of the renowned Cloud Wheel  known for reducing road vibrations. However, it remains to be seen if the reduction in motor wattage affects torque and speed negatively.

The Meepo V4S Shuffle stands out by offering 105mm Cloud Wheel Donuts as its base configuration, greatly enhancing ride comfort and enabling smoother navigation over rough terrain. For those preferring smaller 90mm wheels for smoother surfaces or longer range, purchasing a set of wheels and PU sleeves allows easy customization.

meepo shuffle v4 wheel

The option to replace only the PU sleeves, without needing to replace the entire motors, is advantageous, especially considering the lower cost of replacing sleeves compared to motors after prolonged use.the Shuffle S boasts a marketed top speed of 28.5mph (46km/h), and during testing, we reached 27.5mph (44km/h), commendable for a budget board.


The Meepo Shuffle V4 is equipped with dual 540W hub motors, enabling a remarkable top speed of 29 mph (46km/h), especially for its price range. Despite the hub motors’ relatively lower torque, they operate silently and with minimal friction, even allowing the board to function as a kick push board when the battery is depleted. Additionally, housing the motors inside the wheels reduces the risk of damage, making the Shuffle S a highly low-maintenance electric skateboard.

From the start, the Meepo Shuffle V4 appears as a budget powerhouse, providing a strong riding encounter. While the controls remain smooth overall, beginners should exercise caution during their initial rides as the board’s acceleration can be unexpectedly punchy. Despite this, the new Ling Yi ESC performs well in providing a smooth ride, although it falls slightly short of the silky smooth experience from other brands.

meepo shuffle v4

Overall Conclusion Meepo Shuffle V4

The Meepo Shuffle V4 sounds like a reliable and affordable option, especially for students or commuters looking for a convenient way to get around without dealing with traffic.

Overall, it seems like a solid option for riders seeking a reliable and enjoyable electric skateboard experience.

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