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Meepo Hurricane Carbon

Meepo Hurricane Carbon Review & Spec

The new Meepo Hurricane Carbon is the smoothest Lingyi ESC that I’ve seen.T700 carbon fiber  deck that improve durability and minimize the risk of cracks.These board are designed like military theme it also providing slick and durable structure.This feature assure skaters a reliable and durable platform, making the Meepo Hurricane a great  choice in the electric skateboard market.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon


  • Top speed: 32 mph / 52 kmh

  • Range: Up to 31 miles / 50 km

  • Weight: 34.5 lbs 15.6 kg

  • Deck material: 3K Carbon Fiber

  • Battery: 12S4P Molicel P42A (725.8WH / 16.8AH)


  • Material: 3k carbon fiber

  • Dimensions: 997mm x 265mm / 39.2'' x 10.4''

  • Wheels: Cyclone 165s Racing Wheels (CNC Rim)


  • 3500W*2 6374 motor

  • Maximum power output: 1000W

  • Top speed: Up to 31miles / 50km


  • 12S4P Molicel P42A 

  • Capacity: 725.8WH / 16.8AH

  • Range: 31 Miles Range


  • Cyclone 165S Racing Wheels

  • Diameter: 165mm

  • Material: Polyurethane


  • 9.25‘ Double Kingpin Truck 

  • Additional TKP baseplate

Remote control

  • Type: MR remote

  • Battery: 500 mAh

  • Range: Up to 14 meters

  • Modes: 4 speed modes, reverse mode, and brake mode

  • Display: OLED screen

Other Features

  • Regenerative braking

  • Smart turn-on

  • Dual ESC

  • IP67 water resistance rating

  • Front and rear lights for better visibility at night

  • Weight: 19.8 lbs.

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  • The most powerful motors on the market, providing a fast performance in any situation
  • The skateboard comes with a high-end LingYi ESC, ensuring easy speed control that matches its qualit
  • It will  able to go for a significantly longer duration compared to numerous electric skateboards out there


  • It’s a little expensive.
  • It’s designed more for stability than responsiveness, so it’s not ideal for carving enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality:

The Meepo Hurricane Carbon  is an electric skateboard that has really slick and easy to use design.Direction logo,wheel design trackpad everything is well.But rear and front truck it has like this massive bit of metal here.Its a little bit unnecessary that i feel. But It also provide Carbon Fiber on the deck, that didn’t feel like bulky.Overall  it was massive update from previous generation.

Meepo Hurricane electric skateboard stands out for its lightweight also durable design, weighing around 34 lbs (15.4 kg) with a sturdy T700 carbon fiber deck. This deck features a wide concave design for stability and a grippy surface for great performance . It can support up to 552 lbs (250 kg) and is equipped with an IP67 waterproof rating, making it resilient against splashes and rain. The deck’s top-access electronic compartment and long design offer flexibility in standing positions for our comfort.


You’ll notice two things that is when you first hold the Meepo Hurricane. First, the skateboard is remarkably lightweight for its size. Second, you will  be able to tell that the skateboard deck is noticeably durable with a stiff build and  design. The top deck is also super grippy to keep you balanced and secured. The Hurricane’s deck is made of T700 carbon fiber, which is a high-tensile tier of carbon fiber that is used in making drones. This means that the Hurricane can take a beating without cracking or breaking. The deck has a top-access electronic compartment along with a long design that allows you to stand in any style that makes you comfortable. This deck allows it to support a maximum weight of around 552 lbs or 250 kg. Additionally, the skateboard has an IP67 Waterproof rating, so it can survive splashes and rain without damage or malfunctioning.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon deck


The Meepo Hurricane skateboard offers excellent versatility with its two sets of wheels. One set consists of pneumatic wheels, 155 mm in diameter, perfect for rough terrain with their shock absorption and smooth ride. The other set comprises street wheels, 90 mm in diameter, easily swappable for improved speed and range on smoother roads. Additionally, the skateboard is compatible with various Meepo wheels, enhancing performance and providing diverse riding experiences.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon wheel


Once you step onto the skateboard and give it a whirl, you will  immediately feel its aggressive power. The Meepo Hurricane Carbon boasts a double 3,500W belt drive motor, one of the highest in the market if not the highest. This high power provides excellent acceleration, making it capable of swiftly gaining speed even on rough terrain. Moreover, its powerful motor enables the Hurricane to tackle steep hills with ease. However, the most striking feature of the Hurricane’s powerful motor is its top speed. With a capability of reaching about 56 kmh on smooth terrains with pneumatic tires, it is  important to note that this speed is achievable only in Pro mode.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon motor


In my opinion  this Meepo Hurricane Carbon skateboard highlight its impressive performance. Users have praised its smooth control, attributed to the Lingyi ESC, and its durable T700 carbon fiber deck, which minimizes the risk of damage. The military themed design added to their  structure, also some have mentioned the excessive size of the metal on the trucks. Overall, it was seen as a notable upgrade from earlier versions, providing stability, optimal performance, and a dependable ride. We particularly appreciate its ability to support up to 552 lbs (250 kg) and its waterproof rating, making it suitable for various riding conditions. In summary, real users have found the Meepo Hurricane to be a dependable and high-performing electric skateboard.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon Performance


You may not always want to go full throttle just because the Meepo Hurricane Carbon can accelerate to high speeds quickly. Thankfully, the Hurricane is equipped with one of the most advanced speed control systems available. It features the latest electronic speed controller from LingYi FOC 70 belt. This controller allows you to adjust the speed using a LED screen and offers four-speed modes and four brake modes that you can customize freedomly. This level of modification gives you complete control over how fast the Hurricane goes. Additionally, the Meepo skateboard has a push-to-start feature, eliminating the need to bend over or press specific buttons to activate it.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon controler

Battery Life and Recharging

The skateboard features a lithium-ion Molicel P42A battery pack with a 12S4P configuration, boasting a powerful voltage of up to 50 volts. With a capacity of around 16.8AH or 725.8Wh, this battery offers the skateboard to travel up to 31 miles (50 km) with all-terrain wheels and around 44 miles (70 km) with street wheels. However, due to its large capacity, charging the Hurricane’s battery will take approximately 3 hours, which is longer than the average skateboard. Another excellent aspect of the Hurricane is the batteries used in its construction. This skateboard provide battery inside the deck, and boasts a massive range and performance.

Meepo Hurricane Carbon battery

Overall Conclusion

The Hurricane skateboard is more expensive than other models from the company, but it’s worth it. It’s one of the fastest electric skateboards with a long range. You can use it on different terrains, and it even comes with extra wheels for that. Plus, it has a full 1-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about defects or normal wear and tear.You like the Hurricane electric skateboard as a mass-produced alternative to Hobbywing’s ESC. Even though it’s not your everyday board, you’ll use it for downhill trips to pull people up hills because of its strong motors, battery, and ESC. You also gained a new appreciation for it at the CESL event where you rode it on a gokart track. You’re also planning to organize a group ride there eventually.

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